How to Change Touch pad Features on Toshiba Laptop?

The touchpad is one of the fundamental components of the laptop. It is required to perform the function of a mouse. In this article, Toshiba Tech Support has supplied the method of configuring the settings or features of a Toshiba touchpad on Windows 8 and 10. You can find the advanced touchpad features in the control panel of mouse property.
Change the touchpad scroll area with these steps:
             First of all, press windows key from the keyboard
             Type Mouse in the search box
             Select the option Change mouse settings.
             It will display the Mouse properties page
             Select the advanced tab from the list of options on the properties page.
             Select the “Advanced featured settings” to open this box.
             Then select the Touchpad Tab and move to the next step to change these settings.
             You should make sure that there is a checkmark on the “Use Scroll Function” under the Touchpad settings.
             Determine the scroll area by clicking on the “settings” button.
             It will display the Touchpad settings page.
             Click on the “Scroll Area” tab to select the area of the touchpad which you want should respond to the scroll function.

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