How to Solve Paper Damage Problem in Dell Printer?

Many People having paper damage problem when they print through Dell printer. This is because they don’t know the correct method to use this. Dell Printer is very simple to access, reliable and also durable which prints high-quality pictures. It is very less that users confront a problem with Dell machine.

Well, not to go deeper, follow these steps if you are also having the wrinkled pages issue.
  1. Confirm that the installed print media installed is brand new and completely dry.
  2. Make sure that the installed print media is well suited for your printer.
  3. Now, take a new ream of pages and open it and try a various type of print media.
  4. If you could not find any different print media then take out the top half of the pages and flip it over.
  5. Make sure that the temperature of printer’s print quality environment is set to between 50°F with 15% humidity and 80°F with 85% humidity.
  6. Now, clean any dust set on the printer. Check its surroundings like cartridges, belt, rollers, drum etc.
  7. Once this is done, discard the belt unit and confirm that there is no damage.
  8. Reseat the Fuser and the Transfer Roller. For more help, you can visit Dell Printer Technical Support Canada.
  9. Also, reset the paper tray by removing the papers from the tray, adjust its guides, clean any foreign particle and then reinstall it.
  10. If you still face problem then you can take help from the professional support team.
It is very common to face such issue due to paper damage or wrinkled pages. Sometimes, users face paper jam also. But, you should not be tensed about such minor issues as such problems can be solved within minutes. For major issues, you can reach us by dialing our toll-free Dell Printer Support Number: 1-833-430-6109 or visit our website for more answers to your queries. You will find the solution to the different printer issues. We are glad to help our clients for a broken or non-functional printing machine.


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