How to Use Online Technical Recommendations to Set Up Dell Printer?

Dell is a well-known brand that is manufacturing world class printers that are highly demanded among users. All dell printers have some latest and unique features, so they are now in the great demand among users. It is very difficult for every new user to set up dell printer in the right ways. Without taking technical help, it is not possible. Therefore, you should call Dell Printer Support Number or you can also follow online technical instructions or recommendations to set up dell printer successfully, which are given below:-
Step1:- When your dell printer is at your home, important thing is to unboxed the printing machine eliminating the tape on it.
Step2:-Users will get “Start here guide” in the box explaining all steps for printer set up.  As well printer set up disk for windows and disc will be provided with the set up.
Step3:- Take out printing machine from plastic bag and eliminate all the tape provided on the device.
Step4:- Plug one side of power cord back and other side to wall outlet. Press on “Power” button.
Step5:- Hold ink bottles, pick up the ink tank lid and remove ink tap. With the help of ink bottle can fill ink tank with diverse colors. Ink should be put appropriate and stores in a cool locality.
Step6:- After all the tanks are filled and close the tank lid. Next user should install print heads.
Step7:-Eliminate the print heads from package. Open the front door and carriage moves to the center.
Step8:- You have to push down to open the blue carriage key and slide the print head up to it snaps in the place. Slide and snap both the print heads offered with the box.
Step9:- Once both print heads are installed successfully and push down determinedly the blue print head latch. User should close the printer latch to work suitably.
Step10:-Close the print head access door and then front door.
Step11:-Remove the input tray and slip with the guide out. Load basic white paper and correct the guide so that this touches the edge.
Step12:- Draw out the extender and output tray.
Step13:- When the users get “Flashing” P on the control panel button and press the resume button for 3 seconds. Once blinking letter “A” shows the printer will print alignment page. Alignment is very necessary for printer set up process. 

If you have any issue contact Dell Technical Support Phone Number USA |1-833-430-6109|.


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