How to Create a Reliable Wireless Set up For Canon Pixma Printer?

It's time to stopping the boot up of your PC, find your file, give a print command, and then a long wait, this process consumes a big amount of money from you. While wireless printers are specially designed for ambitious and productive people. Before we move further, let's discuss the procedure of how to create a wireless Canon Pixma printer set up.

Note: Before starting the WPS connection set up, kindly check two things first:
There must be a PUSH button in the access point. If it is not present there please take a help from Canon Support Number.
Check, whether your network is using WPA or WPA2 security protocol.
Step1: Ensure that your printer is power on.
Step2: Press the Wi-Fi button and hold it until it flashes the alarm light lamp once.
Step3: Check, whether your alarm button is glowing with a blue flashlight.
Step4: Now, go to the Access Point and press the WPS button within 2 minutes.
Step5: The blue Wi-Fi lamp must be continuous flashing while searching or connecting to the access point.
Step6: When the Canon Pixma printer successfully creates a reliable wireless set up, the power and Wi-Fi lamp will stop flashing the blue light and remain lit.

With the help of this wireless set up guidelines, you can easily create a set up on your own. Ditch those traditional printers and switch it with the more advanced wireless printer. Because, the latest printers have multifarious benefits in it, such as:
Those days are gone when you have to sit close enough to your networking cable which connects your printer and PC. While with wireless Canon printer, without moving from the couch you can work on your desktop.
Perform more than one function
There are numerous printers out there which can perform more than one function including, copying, faxing, or printing. And the best part of it is you can send every document directly to your mobile devices, laptops, or tablets.
Cable-less networking
Networking is a way to connect your device to a printer. Earlier it was done by using cables and wires, the more device is connected to the printer the more wires are needed resulting in a web of wires. While in the wireless network you just need to connect your device to a printer via Wi-Fi. Therefore, it is wise to create a Canon Pixma printer setup wirelessly in order to make the connection easy and compatible.
In case, you get any difficulty while creating a setup takes a help from Canon Printer Support.


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