How Can I resolve My Norton Antivirus Related Problem very easily?

When we are using our computer without installing any kind of Antivirus software so, after sometime our system create some trouble. To protect from this kind of situation we have to use some Antivirus which protect our computer system from the various threats. Basically Set of program or set of software is an Antivirus which is designed to prevent from virus, threat and other malicious software. This is the reason we have to consider best Antivirus to protect the system. But here one question is roaming in our mind, which is the best antivirus who is perfectly suited for our business.

Different people have their different perception in terms of Antivirus. But here I recommend you one the best Antivirus software which protects your all system to spyware, virus, worms, Trojan horses etc. It perfectly scans your all computer program to protect from surf websites, download files and open mail. But many times we have seen that some of the user facing technical glitches regarding Norton Antivirus. Norton Antivirus not opens, crash, sometime installation issue, downloading issue and many other problems. If you are facing that kind of technical issue, so follow these steps which are given below to make you error free.

1. If you found your Norton Antivirus is not working properly then immediately remove it and again install it.
2. If there is downloading issue then:
·        First login in to your Norton account
·        Now look top right hand side here you find My Norton, click on it.
·        Download it.
3) Sometime due to Internet issue this issue is fluctuating. Due to ISP issue your Norton stopped working. Most of the time Norton firewall block your internet connection. For this:

Close your all program and restart your computer.
Here you have to disable your Norton firewall temporarily.
Once your computer is start, open your Norton product.
Move to setting option, under the detailed setting click on firewall.
Here you find General setting tab, then click slider to turn it off.
In drop down menu there is protection alert dialog box click apply and choose permanently.
After that apply it and click ok and make sure that firewall is turned off.
Again restart your computer and move to Norton
Once you update you can turn on the Norton firewall.
By these steps, surely your all problem will solve. But in case if you are facing any technical glitches now then Contact Norton Help Desk immediately.


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