How to Fix Alignment Issue in your Canon Printer?

Canon Printer is one of the best devices in the imaging industry. People across the globe use Canon Printer to print out the documents in hard copy. Since Canon printers have made our lives so much better but sometimes, they also show some complications. Among all the queries, common issue has been the printer alignment. The issue of misalignment occurs when there is some paper struck in the machine or cartilage blockage.
If you are facing the same technical glitches with your printer, follow these given instructions-

Using Windows Utility:
·        Navigate to Control panel of your Windows OS in your computer.
·        Click on Devices & Printers in Control Panel window.
·        Right click on the name of your printer and select 'Printer Preference' from the side-menu.
·        Click the 'Service' tab and then on 'Align the Print Cartridge' option. Your printer will now print a test alignment page.
·        Follow the on-screen instructions when a setup wizard for alignment appears.

Using Printer Software:
·        Open your Canon Printer utility software application on your computer.
·        Go to 'Maintenance' and then navigate to 'Tools/Utilities'.
·        Click on Alignment or Calibrate Printer and your printer will print test alignment page.
·        For Calibration or alignment wizard, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the process.

Check for any physical problems:
·        Check and remove any kind of paper jams.
·        Clean the print-head and cartridges.
·        It is recommended to always use the ink-cartridges provided by your manufacturer.

In order to fix Canon printer alignment issue, follow these given troubleshooting techniques. In case your problem still persists or you have any issues regarding these techniques, contact Canon Printer Support where you will get complete troubleshooting assistance and software solutions. With years of experience, our finest printer technicians will be available for 24*7 round the clock and 365 days throughout the year who will assist you with 100% satisfaction.


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