Know how can we Refill Canon Cartridges?

Replacing Canon ink jet cartridges can be expensive. On the off chance that you have a shading printer, the expense of the ink may include rapidly. Most Canon cartridges are refillable, and you can set aside some cash by supplanting the ink yourself. Refilling Canon Printer cartridges can be cultivated by getting an ink refill pack so you can refill your cartridges at your home.

Check your Ink Cartridge
Method 1:
1.      Make beyond any doubt the ink cartridge is vacant.
        Many Canon ink jet cartridges have an electronic device that counts down with every character printed.
        When the counter reaches 0, you will get an error message on your printer.

2.      Follow manufacturer's directions to remove the Canon ink jet cartridge.

3.      Look to see if the ink reservoir is empty.
        On the off chance that there is still ink in the store, reinstall the cartridge, and when you get another mistake message, push the "alright" catch to keep printing.
4. If the cartridge is empty, refill the Canon ink jet cartridge.

Method2. Refill your Ink Cartridge

1.      Acquire an ink refill pack at an office supply store or online. To refill canon ink cartridges, you need a 30 cc syringe with a needle, a thumb drill and printer ink.

2.      Place the ink holder on paper or paper towels. When refilling Canon cartridges, you may have some ink spillage.

3.      Select the ink. For example, on the off chance that you are refilling your yellow ink cartridge, you will require yellow ink.

4.      Put the needle on the yellow ink holder.

Method 3: Replace Ink

1.     Discover the opening where the ink originates from. This will be situated on the wipe region of the cartridge.

2.     Crush two or three drops of the right shading ink on this opening to fill the wipe with ink.

3.     Tape the leave opening with tape to avoid ink spillage while you complete the process of refilling Canon cartridges.

4.     Drill a little opening in the ink cartridge with a thumb boring tool underneath the cartridge mark.

        Look on the cartridge for a letter meaning the shade of the ink, and underneath it, a hover with a dimple in it.

        When you refill ink cartridges, you need to penetrate the opening amidst the dimple.
5.     Set the needle into the opening you made in the cartridge, and cautiously push in the ink. When refilling Canon cartridges, watch the cartridge with the goal that you don't overload it.
   6.   Remove the needle from the cartridge, take it off the compartment, and set the top back on the ink so it won't spill.
  7.   Seal the gap with paste, hot wax or electric tape when you wrap topping off Canon cartridges to anticipate spills.
 8.   Remove the tape you put over the wipe region.

Method 4: Reinstall Ink Jet Cartridge

1.     Introduce the cartridge and select upkeep on your printer.
2.     Run your printer through its cleaning cycle when you refill ink cartridges.
3.     Give the refilled cartridges a chance to set inside the printer for around 8 hours with the goal that the wipe drenches up all the new ink.

For any other queries please contact Canon Printer Support and if you want to see video that how can you refill the Canon Cartridges. So Please CLICK


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