Want effortless Sound Experience with Acer Support?

Imagine a peaceful day when you just want to listen to music or watch your favorite movie on your Acer laptop but alas! The sound in your Acer laptop fails to work. This issue can ruin your whole day.
Many users think that this is not a big issue which can be neglected, especially those who don't need laptop's sound. But, it should not be neglected, as it might be an indication of any bigger issues on your computer. There can be various reasons for your sound problems. It is necessary to check each and every aspect of your Acer system to fix this issue.
To resolve the sound issues, one can get in touch with any reliable Acer Support. However, initially, you can try the below diagnosing and troubleshooting methods that can help you get rid of this problem quickly. But, before you dug any deeper to fix this problem, give a basic check on the sound icon on the right bottom corner of your screen and click on it. Make sure that the volume is high and not mute. In case of speaker or microphone, make sure that they are properly connected and powered on.

Check for Proper Sound Drivers
No sound in your Acer laptop can be due to driver issues. Your previously installed sound drivers might be outdated or has been corrupted. You need to check for them from the Device Manager. Open the Control Panel and open the Device Manager.
In the Window, check for an exclamation or yellow mark. If it is there, then you need to install the proper sound drivers from the official website of Acer. After installing, reboot your computer and then check if the problem is resolved.

In case, there is no problem detected in the Device Manager, due to corruption, then follow these steps:

  • ·        Open the Device Manager and click on Sound, Video and game controllers.
  • ·        Under it, you will get a list of drivers installed in this section.
  • ·        Uninstall the drivers and reboot your system.
  • ·        Once your system restarts, it will automatically start detecting for the sound drivers and sound card.

In case of any conflict or corruption, you can contact online Acer help.
Sound Card Issue

If you don't have 'Sound, video or game controllers' on your Device Manager, then it depicts that the sound card is not properly installed in your system or has been disabled or corrupted. Try these steps to fix the problem.

Check for any updates for sound drivers and install them, if any, from the Device Manager. Check if your system has a sound card and is enabled in CMOS setup. In case of any error message, decode it with the help of Acer Phone Number.


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