Wants know way to Format Dell Computer?

If a Dell user wants to erase everything on the hard drive to clean-install Windows or remove a virus, user can use the Windows 10 "Reset" option. Dell PC’s have a hidden repair drive that you can use to reformat the principle hard drive. If your Dell computer has neither of these options, you can use a Windows installation disc instead. Before reformatting your Dell, think about backing up your data to an external hard drive, as everything on your PC's hard drive will be erased when you format it.
Strategy 1: Using Windows Reset
1. Open Start Image titled Windowsstart.png. Snap the Windows logo in the base left corner of the screen. The Start menu will open.
2. Open Settings Image titled Windowssettings.png. Snap the rigging formed symbol in the lower-left half of the Start window.
3. Snap Image titled Windows10 Update.png Update and Security. You'll see this symbol close to the base of the Settings window.
4. Snap the Recovery tab. It's on the left half of the window.
5. Snap Get started. This is beneath the "Reset this PC" heading at the highest point of the page.
6. Snap Remove everything when incited. It's at the highest point of the spring up window.
7. Snap Remove records and clean the drive. This choice erases everything from your hard drive and afterward reinstalls Windows for you.
You may see a notice about not having the capacity to move back to a past variant of Windows here. Provided that this is true, click next before proceeding.
8. Snap Reset when incited. Your PC will start resetting itself.
9. Snap Continue when incited. When your PC gets done with resetting, you'll see this at the highest point of the page. Clicking it will take you to the setup page.
10. Pursue the on-screen prompts. You'll choose a language, associate with a Wi-Fi organize, and perform other setup undertakings to finish the Windows 10 reinstallation.

If you are unable to format your Dell computer then contact Dell SupportAssist to resolve your issues.


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